Viori Shampoo Bar Review Viori Shampoo Bar Review

Viori Shampoo Bar Review – Is It Worth The Hype?

Do you have a sensitive scalp and are tired of using shampoos that do more damage to the hair than good? You are not alone. The shelves of the market full of different shampoos add more to the confusion. How about a Viori Shampoo Bar review to help you make a decision?

Viori shampoo has created hype among people, and you may find a lot of positive reviews about this shampoo. However, some people can be seen complaining about the product. So, why is it that the same shampoo works for some while it’s a failure for others?

You must know two things before purchasing a shampoo. Your hair needs and the ingredients of the shampoo. Make sure that the shampoo ingredients provide for your hair’s needs. Read this Viori Shampoo Bars review to learn more about the brand.

Viori Shampoo Bar Review – A Short Overview

Viori Shampoo Bar Review

If you are looking for a shampoo with natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals, Viori is your go-to brand. Most of the ingredients used in Viori shampoos and conditioners are derived from natural resources and do not possess any side effects.

The company claims that its products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, and phthalates-free, which are considered harmful to hair. Moreover, all the shampoos and conditioners are cruelty-free, which means that no animal is used or harmed in the testing process.

The unique point about Viori that helps it stand out from the crowd is its rice water formula. The rice water formula comes from the mountains of Longsheng, Red Yao Tribe. The women of the tribe are well-known for their beautiful hair, and the secret is here within this bar.

Longsheng Rice – Water Formula

The longsheng rice-water formula is a centuries-old formula used by the women of the Red Yao Tribe in North Guangxi, near Guilin. The owners of the Viori brand realized this in 2019 when they noticed the gorgeous dark hair of the women of that tribe. 

Since then, the formulators at Viori have constantly been working to create a perfect formula that combines a blend of natural ingredients with rice water sitting at the center. They have almost succeeded in their quest and are still working on it to get better results.

The rice-water formula offers several benefits, which make it a perfect choice for hair lovers. Apart from strengthening hair, it focuses on increasing the volume of hair while enhancing the flexibility of the scalp. It also reduces the risk of hair breaking.

Ingredients You Should Know About

Well, the brand claims its products to be free from all types of harmful chemicals. This is what almost every company does. Have you ever looked at the ingredients list at the back of the product package? You might find several conspicuous ingredients on that list.

When you see the ingredients list of Viori shampoos and conditioners, you will also find some ambiguous terms. Let’s have a detailed analysis of what those ambiguous ingredients are and if they could be harmful to you or not.


Fragrance in any shampoo is a red flag for chemicals that may be human-friendly or harmful. Though the chemicals used as a fragrance are mentioned on some shampoos on the package, in the case of Viori, it is the opposite. 

The official website of Viori says that the fragrances used in their products are either derived from natural sources or are natural equivalents. Natural equivalent means the ingredients or the chemicals used in fragrances are similar to natural scents or fragrances.

In a nutshell, the company claims that its fragrances do not contain any type of mutagens, carcinogens, and toxins. But, there is still an ambiguity about the nature of the fragrances. If you want to get rid of the fragrance thing, Viori has a fragrance-free shampoo for you.

Behentrimonium Methosulfate

If you have read the Viori shampoo bar review mentioned above, you might have seen that these products are free from parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. Well, then, why is there a “sulfate” name on the ingredients list? 

Behentrimonium Methosulfate is not a chemical like traditional sulfates that does more harm to the hair than good. It is basically a conditioner that adds an extra shine to your hair. Moreover, it comes from a vegetable source named the colza plant, so there is no harm in it.

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate

Usually, shampoos come with surfactants and harsh chemicals for cleansing purposes. However, when you use Viori shampoo, you have a natural cleansing agent derived from a plant. Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate is derived from coconut, which is commonly used for hairs.

Though people have been using coconut oil for a long time, and it has proven quite useful, some people might be allergic to it. Products with coconut oil may react vigorously against the skin or scalp of such people and may have drastic effects.

Sodium Lactate

Sodium lactate also sounds like some kind of chemical or an acid. Actually, it’s a sodium salt derived from corn and beets. The process includes the fermentation of these two plant fruits to make alcohol, which is then processed to make sodium lactate. 

Sodium lactate is widely used in various cosmetics and hair care products. In cosmetics, it serves dry skin, while in shampoos, it has many more things to do. Aside from dealing with scalp dryness, sodium lactate also plays a part in balancing the pH level of the shampoo.

Cetyl Alcohol and Stearic Acid

Here comes another ingredient that might raise several questions, such as what acid is used in a naturally manufactured shampoo. It is also known as Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol, which is derived from a plant and stabilizes the foaming capacity of a shampoo.

Unique Points That Make Viori Stand Out

Viori is not like other traditional shampoos that come in liquid form packed in a plastic bottle. Viori manufactures shampoo bars that come with biodegradable packing. Using such products helps you reduce your carbon footprint on the environment. 

Moreover, the Viori shampoo and conditioner bars are super easy to carry around. If you are someone who is always on the go, Viroi shampoo and conditioners might be your greatest companions. You don’t have to fear the bottle leaking in your bag, as there is none.


Here is a summary of the benefits of using Viori shampoos and conditioners. Remember that some of these benefits might be limited to specific Viori models. 

  • Free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and other toxic chemicals
  • Biodegradable packing
  • Best travel companion
  • Offers fragrance-free shampoos
  • Suitable for all hair types (different formulas available for different hair types)
  • Cruelty-free and Vegan
  • Longsheng Rice-water formula


No matter how useful something is, it always has several downsides. Before making a purchase, make sure to keep these drawbacks in mind.

  • Fragrances might not be good for some people.
  • Some people might be allergic to some ingredients, such as coconut oil.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Viori help with hair growth?

Yes, the specialized longsheng rice formula ensures the growth of hair and increases its volume. If you want to clean your hair without getting them dehydrated, Viori is for you. It is one of the best shampoo brands that offer a premium formula for your hair. 

How often should I wash my hair with a Viori shampoo bar?

Do you have oily hair? Or dry hair? For those with dry hair, washing hair once a week is enough, or you may face extreme dryness. On the contrary, oily hair should be washed twice or thrice a week, depending on how oily they are.

How long does a Viori bar last?

It depends on how often you wash your hair. Usually, it lasts 30-60 washes, which means that someone who washes their hair twice a week can make it somewhere between 20-30 weeks. The more you wash your hair frequently, the less time the shampoo bar will last.


I hope the above-mentioned Viori Shampoo Bar review might have cleared your doubts about the brand. The blend of natural ingredients, along with the traditional rice-water formula, is what no other brand offers. 

If you are not yet satisfied with Viori, you can have a look at hundreds of Viori shampoo bar reviews in online stores. Though there will be some people who will not be satisfied with the products, the majority of the people actually love the quality and performance.