Tulo Bamboo Mattress Review Tulo Bamboo Mattress Review

Tulo Bamboo Mattress Review 2024 – Expert Analysis!

Tulo is a reputable mattress brand started by Mattress Firm. Among all other options, Tulo mattresses are a top choice for customers. The company dispatches mattresses directly to its customers through courier service, which makes it a tough competitor.

Tulo Bamboo Mattress is also a series of mattresses that provide affordability and comfort. It incorporates memory form and rayon in its filling with bamboo fibers used in covering. It also comes in three different thickness options from 6 to 10 inches.

This Tulo Bamboo Mattress review will discuss everything about the Tulo Bamboo mattress. I will guide you through every aspect of these mattresses, including comfort, size, and performance. So, let’s start the review and find the answers.

Tulo Bamboo Mattress Review – Tulo Mattress

Tulo Bamboo Mattress Review

Tulo Bamboo Mattresses are comfortable and sensitive mattresses that offer affordability and reliability. It offers three variations to meet the needs of different users. This brand was started in 2017, and it has been continuously adding value to the lives of its users since then.

These mattresses usually come with ten years of warranty and a 4-month trial with a refund policy. This affects consumer choice because it is a huge satisfaction factor for anyone going for a mattress. Let’s see some factors related to Tulo bamboo mattresses.

The Sizing

Tulo Bamboo Mattress Review

The Tulo Bamboo Mattress allows customers to select from three height options: 6 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches. This range of sizes accommodates various preferences, allowing people to choose the best mattress that best meets their needs and habits.

If you prefer a slightly firmer feel with a flatter profile, you may go for it. However, if you need a more substantial, soft sensation with added height, the Tulo Bamboo Mattress is also for you. It aims to give a personalized sleep experience based on individual preferences.

The Comfort

The Tulo Bamboo Mattress stands out for its sophisticated design and materials, which provide a comfortable sleep experience. The mattress provides an adequate balance of support and comfort, making it suitable for various sleep preferences and sizes.

The Tulo Bamboo Mattress is made with materials, including bamboo-derived rayon in the cover and gel-infused memory foam in the comfort layer. This improves comfort and helps with temperature management, resulting in a cooler sleep environment.

The Build

Tulo Bamboo Mattress Review

Tulo Bamboo Mattress is designed for comfort and innovation. Its base is solid foam, with an outer layer of gel-infused memory foam for customized comfort and temperature management. The mattress is covered with bamboo-derived rayon, which promotes breathability.

This bamboo cover also adds a touch of luxury to the mattress and is an ideal option for someone looking for an environment-friendly alternative. The use of varied materials provides comfort and reliability and meets the needs of different customers.

The Pricing

The Tulo Memory Foam Bamboo Mattress is offered in three different price ranges, depending on its height. The 6-inch mattress is the most economical, while the 10-inch mattress is more expensive due to the extra materials used in its manufacturing. Here are the prices:

Tulo Bamboo Mattress – 6-inch

  • Twin: $499
  • Twin XL: $599
  • Full: $649
  • Queen: $699
  • King: $899
  • California King: $899

Tulo Bamboo Mattress – 8-inch

  • Twin: $350
  • Twin XL: $380
  • Queen: $540
  • King: $660

Tulo Bamboo Mattress – 10-inch

  • Twin: $420
  • Full: $540
  • Queen: $640
  • King: $740

Sleep Trial

The mattress provides a 120-night sleep trial, allowing users to test it before deciding. Tulo accepts returns and exchanges throughout this trial duration. Nonetheless, it recommends that buyers try the mattress for at least 30 days before considering a return.

This proposal is based on the idea that a 30-day adjustment period allows the mattress to be properly broken. It gives the user’s body enough time to adjust to its new sleeping space. This facility aids in the overall advantage list of Tulo mattresses.

Advantages of Tulo Bamboo Mattress

Tulo Bamboo Mattress Review
  • Motion Isolation

For couples that share a bed, the Tulo Bamboo Mattress does well in motion isolation, ensuring little disruption from partner movements. The efficient motion isolation is especially good for individuals with irregular sleep habits or sensitive to disruptions.

  • Relieve Pressure Points

The mattress’s adaptable foam layers are notable for enveloping the body and relieving pressure spots. This design offers a supportive and pleasant sleep surface that can accommodate different body shapes and sleeping postures.

  • Versatility

Tulo bamboo mattress offers versatility in part of height and sizing options. It has something for everyone, from a thin and sleek design to a thick, sophisticated option. It covers different price points and offers different comfort levels to people according to their budget.

Some Disadvantages of Tulo Bamboo Mattress

  • Initial Smell

A notable worry with the Tulo Bamboo Mattress series is the possibility of an early off-gassing smell. Off-gassing is the discharge of VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, from certain materials employed in production.

While this is usual in new goods, consumers have claimed that the off-gassing smells from Tulo Bamboo Mattresses might be greater than expected. While off-gassing usually decreases over time, consumers should expect some adjustment during the first few days or weeks of usage.

  • Lower Edge Support

The Tulo Bamboo Mattress line has a significant downside in the form of poor edge support across certain models. Edge support refers to the mattress’s capacity to retain stability and firmness along its edge, allowing consumers to sleep comfortably across the whole surface.

Unfortunately, multiple customer reviews suggest that the Tulo Bamboo Mattresses may lack the essential rigidity along the edges. This barrier is especially important for those who rely on the full mattress surface or want to sit near the edges.


This was all about the Tulo bamboo mattress review. Tulo bamboo mattress is a product of Tulo under their flagship project of mattress-in-box. It incorporates various materials in its filling. However, bamboo is a highly celebrated material in its outer cover, providing coolness.

It provides a variety of pricing and sizing options. It also comes with a four-month money-back warranty, which makes it a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable mattress. If you are searching for an environmentally friendly and cool mattress, you may go for it. Happy Sleeping!

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