Routine Wellness Shampoo Review Routine Wellness Shampoo Review

Routine Wellness Shampoo Review – Is Routine Worth It?

Most people consider expensive shampoo brands and hair care products to be of high quality with better performance. Are you also thinking of Routine Wellness Shampoo to be of premium quality due to its insanely high price? Well, consider your priorities.

Though Routine Wellness Shampoo is exceptionally high priced than regular drugstore shampoos, the performance is also somewhat better. Most of the ingredients are sourced from natural resources and are beneficial for hair growth and scalp health.

If the marketing claims do not convince you of the Routine Wellness brand, read this guide. This Routine Wellness Shampoo review is about the safety concerns of most people regarding the brand and its overall performance for your hair and scalp. 

How Safe Is Routine Wellness Shampoo?

The most important thing to consider in a hair care or skin care product is to see if it’s safe for your hair or not. When we talk about the safety standards of the Routine Wellness Shampoo, it seems a safe choice due to its naturally derived ingredients. 

However, a few minor factors might raise some safety concerns. The first one is the presence of phenoxyethanol, which, according to a clinical study, is not a safe ingredient used in hair care products. However, the effects on humans have not been proven yet.

The second thing that raises an alarm is the unnamed fragrance we don’t know about. It’s just unknown with no information on its ingredients. However, they also offer a fragrance-free shampoo, which may be a better option to avoid fragrances.

Primary Ingredients In Routine Wellness Shampoo

Routine Wellness Shampoo Review

Now, let’s have a look at the primary ingredients found in Routine Wellness shampoos. Though the formula greatly impacts the shampoo’s performance, the ingredients may also help determine the possible outcome. 

Hydrolyzed Quinoa

Hydrolyzed quinoa is a naturally derived ingredient sourced from the inside of a grain after breaking it with water to extract its hair-friendly acids and proteins. According to research, this contains almost 17 amino acids, including nine essential oils.

Hydrolyzed Quinoa maintains the color of your hair, allowing you to use Routine Wellness Shampoo on your color-treated hair. Moreover, it also helps improve the shine of your hair while providing robust protection to the scalp.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is considered a clinical ingredient to improve hair growth due to the abundance of vitamin E. It is also an excellent option for those struggling with dry hair due to its superior hydrating nature and moisturizing ability.

Besides being a crucial ingredient of Routine Wellness Shampoo, it may have exceptional conditioning results when applied directly to hair before going for a shower. Overall, it also helps improve the hair texture and strengthens the hair scalp for a stronger life.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is also a worth mentioning ingredient of Routine Wellness shampoo for its ability to provide additional strength to the hair strands. Though it has several hair benefits, such as reducing hair damage, it may be fatal to those allergic to coconut oil.

Hydrolyzed Adansonia Digitata Seed Protein

Hydrolyzed Adansonia Digitata Seed Protein is an anti-aging protein that protects your hair against external factors such as UV rays. Moreover, it also helps your hair quickly recover from any damage due to any reasons that might include stress, dryness, or anything else.


Though caffeine takes our minds straight to coffee, it also has several benefits for our hair. Its primary task in shampoo is to increase the span of the growth cycle of our hair follicles. This helps us buy more time before our hair falls to empty a slot for new hair follicles to grow.

Aloe Vera

You must be familiar with Aloe Vera if you are a hair enthusiast or if you take proper care of your skin. Aloe Vera is among the best naturally derived moisturizers in most hair and skin care products. Its ability to lock in moisture helps prevent hair breakage.

Vegetable-Based Keratin

Instead of animal-driven keratin, Routine Wellness shampoo comes with a vegetable-based keratin, which is an ideal option for those looking for a vegan shampoo. Besides being more sustainable, it helps strengthen the hair and protects against environmental stressors.

Price & Availability

Well, I mentioned in the beginning that Routine shampoo compared to other shampoos is pretty expensive. If you buy only the shampoo, it’s priced $29.99. However, to buy a pack of Routine Wellness shampoo and condition, you’ll have to pay $49.99.

As far availability, Routine Wellness Shampoo is only available on the official website, Routine Wellness, only. If you buy your daily care items from Amazon, stop here and look for an alternative. I recommend Herbal Essences, Native, and Aveeno shampoo.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Routine Shampoo used for?

The major use of Routine Shampoo is to strengthen your hair and reduce hair fall. However, it might also help soften your hair and add some moisture to fight the dryness. Routine Shampoo is also effective against environmental stressors.

Does Routine Shampoo have sulfates?

According to the official website of Routine Wellness Products, their shampoo contains no sulfates. Moreover, they are mostly derived from natural sources and are free from parabens, triclosan, and propylene glycol.

Does Routine Shampoo prevent hair loss?

Yes, Routine Wellness shampoo has been proven to be very effective in fighting against hair loss. The ingredients, such as caffeine, coconut oil, vegetable-based keratin, and Argan oil, play a crucial role in strengthening hair. 

Conclusion – Routine Wellness Shampoo Review

Some people report negative effects or zero change in their hair condition after a couple of uses. According to hair experts, you should use a shampoo for at least one month before replacing it with another brand if it’s not giving the desired results.

In a nutshell, Routine Wellness Shampoo is a perfect option for people who are struggling with hair fall. However, if you want to add that extra shine to your hair, Routine Wellness Shampoo may not be your thing.