Purple Vs. Blue Shampoo Purple Vs. Blue Shampoo

Purple Vs. Blue Shampoo – Which One Is The Best?

Purple vs. blue shampoo: which one is best for your hair? If you’re also worried about this question, don’t worry; this guide is crafted only for you. We’ve tested both purple and blue shampoos on different hair types, and today, I’ll share the crux of the results.

Purple and blue shampoos are both famous, but you can’t just pick anyone without knowing their pros and cons. Purple shampoo is specifically designed to neutralize yellow and blue shampoo neutralizes orange or red tones.

To choose the shampoo, first, you need to understand the texture and tone of the hair. If you are confused, purple shampoo vs. blue shampoo comparison is your go-to guide. Let’s break down the battle between these shampoos and find out which one your hair will love.

What’s Blue Shampoo? An Overview

Purple Vs. Blue Shampoo

The blue shampoo is designed to even the color-treated hair. The issue is that sometimes brunette hair comes out differently, meaning more in orange or red shade, which doesn’t look good at all. But there’s a solution!

You can use blue shampoo to solve the issue of orange or red color tone. The blue color of the shampoo helps neutralize unwanted orange or red colors easily. It’s because the blue color counteracts with orange and cancels them, leaving your hair looking more balanced.

What’s Purple Shampoo? An Overview

Purple Vs. Blue Shampoo

The purpose of the purple shampoo is also the same. It’s designed for color-treated hair that doesn’t look well. It’s because of turning too yellow, which usually happens with blonde, bleached, or silver hair.

Blue is the opposite of yellow, so it removes the yellow tone. It helps eliminate that excessive yellow and brings back a more natural and cool tone to the blonde hair. So, if you want to say goodbye to the overly yellow look, purple shampoo is your go-to solution.

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Which Shampoo Is Right For You, Blue Or Purple?

The purple and blue shampoo are designed to even the color of all hair strands. However, they can’t neutralize every color tone since they’re two different colors. So, it’s best to understand your hair type before picking any shampoo.

  • Blue Shampoo: Ideal for brunettes or darker shades of hair that have turned warmer tones like orange or red. 
  • Purple Shampoo: Targets yellow or overly warm tones in colored hair, commonly found in blonde, bleached, or silver hair.

What Happens If I Use Blue Shampoo On Blonde Hair?

Using blue shampoo on blonde hair won’t do a good job because blue and yellow aren’t opposites on the color wheel. The blue pigments in the shampoo won’t effectively neutralize the yellow tones in blonde hair.

Instead of fixing the yellow color, you might end up with hair that has a blue or muddy shade. Although these blue or muddy shades won’t be too vibrant, that can affect the natural blonde color; still, they can be clearly visible from a distance.

Can You Use Blue Or Purple Shampoo On Curly Hair?

Yes, you can use blue or purple shampoo for curly hair. However, there’s a catch: make sure to consider your hair color and what color you want to neutralize. If you use the shampoo according to the hair color, you’ll get the best results, whether the hair is straight or curly.

Besides the hair color, never use the blue or purple shampoo all the time. These shampoos are mainly to change the color, not to clean the hair scalp. Daily using it to clean the scalp can even lead to dryness and potential damage to your hair.

According to experts, using the blue or purple shampoo once or twice a week is best. Regularly using them not only has negative effects on the hair scalp, but you may also end up with dark blue hair or vibrant orange.

How To Use Blue Or Purple Shampoo?

Remember, it’s important to follow the right way while using the blue or purple shampoo since these aren’t regular shampoos. Using them on a regular basis can affect the hair. Here’s what you should do:

1. Clean hair with regular shampoo: Start by cleaning your hair with a regular shampoo. Blue or purple shampoo is for the hair, not the scalp. So, use a regular shampoo to clean your hair first.

2. Rinse your hair properly: After using regular shampoo, rinse your hair really well. It’s crucial to ensure your hair is wet because putting blue or purple shampoo on dry hair can make the color too strong.

3. Apply blue or purple shampoo: Take blue or purple shampoo on your hand and rub it into your wet hair. Don’t put it on your scalp, just on your hair.

4. Leave the shampoo on: Leave the blue or purple shampoo on your hair, usually for 2 to 3 minutes. You can check the instructions on the shampoo bottle to be sure.

5. Rinse again: Rinse your hair again after leaving the shampoo on. Make sure all the shampoo is washed out.

6. Use a conditioner: After using blue or purple shampoo, use a good conditioner according to your hair type. This helps keep your hair soft and healthy.

Conclusion – Purple Vs. Blue Shampoo

In short, purple and blue shampoos are good; what matters is the color of your hair. If you’ve orange or red tone on brunette hair, go with the blue shampoo. However, for blonde or silver hair with a yellow tone, purple shampoo is the best.

Keep in mind that you should not use the color-changing shampoo more than twice a week. By doing this, your hair might turn into a color you don’t want. Also, follow the proper way: first use a regular shampoo, then use blue or purple shampoo on wet hair.