Misen Stainless Steel Pan Review Misen Stainless Steel Pan Review

Misen Stainless Steel Pan Review – Worth Your Money!

Misen Cookware is gaining some serious recognition in the cookware market for its perfectly crafted cookware. Though it manufactures a diverse range of products, here is the Misen Stainless steel pan review that shows the reality of the pan. 

The Misen stainless steel pan is highly affordable and offers excellent heat distribution with a premium cooking surface area. Moreover, it is also warp-free with a lifetime guarantee. Unluckily, it’s a bit heavier for cooks who love flipping food while cooking. 

Stainless steel cookware is often considered safe if not covered with some other material. However, is the Misen stainless steel pan safe for you? Read this article thoroughly to learn more about the Misen Stainless steel pan and its unique features. 

Misen Stainless Steel Pan Review

Misen Stainless Steel Pan Review

Misen Stainless steel pan is made from 5 layers of aluminum and stainless steel, resulting in better heat distribution and retention. Moreover, it also makes the pan compatible with all types of cooking methods, including induction tops and gas and electric stoves. 

The company claims that its pans have a larger surface area of 12 inches as compared to other well-known cookware brands in the market. The handles are ergonomic in nature and are more secure and comfortable than those of its competitors. 

The durability of this stainless steel pan is unparalleled, as the company offers a lifetime guarantee. It is dishwasher-safe and oven-safe and can withstand high-temperature. Also, as per the company’s website, the pan is safe to use despite being made of PTFE. 

Features of Misen Stainless Steel Pan

Misen Stainless Steel Pan Review

A company manufactures many products, and each product has its own features and benefits. Here are some important features of the Misen Stainless steel pan that make it a better option than other brands. Have a look at these before making a decision. 


This pan is made from a combination of different layers of aluminum and stainless steel. This makes it a robust cookware that can last up to years. The Misen Stainless steel pan is also resistant to warping and is safe for ovens, dishwashers, and stovetops. 

Though it’s highly durable, the weight of a 12-inch Misen Stainless steel pan is almost 1600 grams. 1600 grams isn’t much heavy unless you are flipping food in the kitchen to add more taste to your food. 

Nonstick Performance 

The company says it used Teflon in the outer coating of this stainless steel pan, which makes it nonstick. However, for stainless steel cookware, the nonstick ability is directly proportional to its heat distribution ability. Better heat distribution means excellent nonstick ability. 

Stainless steel has minor pores on its surface, which results in the food sticking to it. Experts suggest that heating up the cookware before cooking food can increase the nonstick ability by several times. Heating the pan results in the expansion of the elements filling the pores. 

Handle and Lid

The handle and lid play an important role in the performance of a pan. The Misen Stainless steel pan comes with an ergonomic handle that is specifically designed for a comfortable grip. Moreover, the lid is made of an insulator that doesn’t get hot even on the stovetop.

The lid, like the handle, also plays a crucial role in the cooking process. Lids made of stainless steel or glass are better performers. However, Misen manufactures a silicone lid for this stainless steel pan, which is not a good thing. 

Heat Distribution

The pan offers excellent heat distribution features. This can be analyzed from an experiment that showed that the corners of the pan bottom were only 14% less hot than the contact point of heat. premium heat distribution also results in its nonstick ability.


The best thing about this stainless steel pan is that it is compatible with the dishwasher. It means that you may save the effort of washing it for some other activity. However, if you don’t have a dishwasher, the ideal way is to clean it with a sponge and water when it’s hot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do Misen Pans last?

Misen pans last a lifetime due to their 5 ply nature. Such pans are highly durable, which makes them dishwasher-safe, oven-safe, stovetop-safe, and also compatible with high-temperature cooking.

Is Misen cookware safe? 

The company claims that its cookware is safe for home use. Though the stainless steel pan contains PTFE, it is still safe to use as the real toxic element is PFOA, which is eliminated from it. However, it uses Teflon coating, so theoretically, it’s not safe. 

Why is my Misen pan sticking?

It often happens when you put too much oil or wax while seasoning your pan. In such a case, the simple way to get rid of the sticking is to scrub it under hot water to remove excess wax or oil. After that, heat it till you see it smoking. 


If you are cooking for 2-3 people and are looking for a pan that is nonstick, easy to handle, and budget-friendly, this pan is for you. The 12-inch Misen stainless steel pan is highly durable and offers excellent heat retention to cook your food evenly.

In a nutshell, Misen is manufacturing one of the best pans and cookware out there. This detailed Misen Stainless steel pan review is enough to give you insight into the different features of the stainless steel pan. I hope you can now make a well-informed decision.