Is Thyme and Table cookware safe Is Thyme and Table cookware safe

Is Thyme And Table Cookware Safe For Cooking? [The Truth!]

The popularity of Theme and Table cookware is at its highest, all thanks to the excellent quality cookware. Many people are considering getting their cookware sets but have one crucial question in mind: “Is Thyme and Table cookware safe for cooking?

The simple answer is YES! Thyme and Table Cookware are entirely safe from toxic chemicals and coatings like Teflon. I’ve checked all their products individually, and they’re rated as PFOS & PFOA safe. So, you don’t need to worry about using this cookware.

Below, I’ll explain why I consider Thyme and Table cookware non-toxic and what’s the fuss about PFOS & PFOA. This knowledge will empower you to make a wise, confident choice you won’t regret later. So, let’s get started without any further delay!

Key Takeaways

  • Thyme and Table cookware is safe for cooking, free from toxic coatings like Teflon.
  • The cookware sets are rated as PFOS & PFOA safe and non-toxic.
  • Thyme and Table cookware features non-stick coatings that are durable and safe.
  • The materials used in Thyme and Table cookware include stainless steel, aluminum, and tri-ply.
  • The cookware has a safe base construction with tri-ply layers ensuring safety during cooking.

Is Thyme And Table Cookware Safe? An Overview

Is Thyme and Table cookware safe

Thyme and Table Cookware is a famous brand known for cookware and dinnerware collections. They offer a wide range of products, from the gold speckled collection, rainbow, rose collection to tri-ply and granite cookware.

What I like about the Thyme and Table Cookware sets is that they’re not toxic. Like I’ve seen many cookware sets from famous brands with the toxic coating of Teflon, which is harmful to the environment and health.

The issue with Teflon coating is when you heat the cookware too much, it releases bad fumes. These fumes have PFOA (a group of toxic chemicals), and breathing them can harm your health; if you have pet birds, these fumes can harm them, too.

So, if your concern is to get non-toxic cookware, the Thyme and Table sets are one of the best options. Besides, they have a good variety that allows you to pick the cookware sets, pans, and pots according to your needs.

Best Features of Thyme & Table Cookware

  • High-quality cookware for better cooking results
  • No dangerous chemicals in your cookware
  • A wide range of cookware options to fit your needs
  • Non-stick coating that’s pretty safe and durable
  • Free from harmful chemicals like PFOS or PFOA
  • Cookware with a durable stainless steel base
  • Works with all kinds of induction cooktops
  • An eco-friendly choice for eco-conscious cooks

Construction of Theme & Table Cookware – Detailed Review

Is Thyme and Table cookware safe

Now it’s time to prove my point about why I consider the Thyme and Table cookware safe and why it’s non-toxic. I’ll review important features of the cookware, like the material, coating, base, and overall quality, in detail to help you find the answer.

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Cookware Material

The material is the first important part that comes to mind when reviewing the cookware sets. And honestly speaking, most customers also made up their minds about whether they want to buy cookware or not after knowing about the material.

Fortunately, the material of Thyme and Table cookware sets is safe. I’ve checked their cookware collections thoroughly. And what I found is that most of the sets are made with stainless steel, aluminum, and tri-ply materials. 

The Gold Speckle and Rose Gold collections are made with stainless steel. While the Rainbow collection has aluminum, and the other sets are Tri-ply. I consider all of them safe, including the aluminum cookware, as they have tri-ply stainless steel bases that don’t react to food.

Cookware Base

Having a cookware base made with material like aluminum can harm your health. But don’t worry, Thyme and Table cookware is safe, even with an aluminum core. The reason behind this is the Tri-ply cookware base.

Basically, the meaning of Tri-ply cookware base is a cookware with three layers like a sandwich. These three layers are the bottom and top, made of stainless steel, and the core, the main material, which means aluminum.

Remember, aluminum cookware is toxic only when you cook acidic foods, like tomatoes or vinegar, directly on it. The aluminum can get into your food, which is harmful and might become the reason for health conditions.

However, with tri-ply cookware, you’ll not cook directly on aluminum because there’s a layer of stainless steel on the top and bottom. That’s why all Thyme and Table cookware sets are safe and non-toxic.

Non-Stick Coating

You should also consider the non-stick coating besides the material and base. There was a time when almost all cookware sets came with toxic, non-stick Teflon coating. The good part is, now customers are aware of its disadvantages.

Teflon coating can be harmful as it releases harmful chemicals, PFOS and PFOA, when it gets too hot, leading to health and environmental problems. This is why most brands manufacture cookware with titanium coating, and Thyme and Table cookware is one of them.

Thyme and Table cookware sets are titanium coated and PFOS PFOA safe, not only making it a better choice but a non-toxic option as well. In short, you can buy Thyme and Table cookware without worrying about your health.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is thyme and table cookware safe to use?

Yes, Thyme and Table cookware are safe to use. The non-stick coating isn’t Teflon base; the base material is stainless for most cookware, and the ones made with other materials like aluminum are tri-ply based.

What is thyme and table cookware made of?

The material of the Thyme and Table cookware depends on which collection you’re selecting. The brand has many collections; some are made with stainless steel, and some have aluminum material, tri-ply cookware, or hard anodized aluminum.

Are thyme and table pans aluminum?

Not all Thyme and Table pans are made with aluminum. They offer cookware in different materials like stainless steel, aluminum, hard anodized aluminum, granite, etc. Cookware that is made with aluminum is tri-ply, which means stainless steel base and aluminum core.


So, what’s the final answer to your questions: Is Thyme and Table cookware safe for cooking? Is Thyme and Table cookware non-toxic? It’s YES. You can confidently choose their cookware sets, pans, and pots for your home needs—cooking and serving food.

Remember to prioritize your requirements and select the set that caters to your needs. For example, if you want induction-compatible cookware, check the description to see whether it supports it. After that, decide so that you never regret your choice!