Is Goodfellow Shampoo Good Is Goodfellow Shampoo Good

Is Goodfellow Shampoo Good? Expert Guide! 

Is Goodfellow shampoo good for my hair? That’s the most common question asked by anyone trying to switch to the newly introduced shampoo brand in the market. Are you also thinking of trying the most hyped product in the market for hair nourishment and growth?

Goodfellow is offering several body care products, including its most puffed-up 2-in-1 shampoo, which is an equally suitable option for your body. The product is made mostly of botanical ingredients that are merged under a fine formula to ensure your hair’s growth.

But the Goodfellow shampoo isn’t just about being made of botanical ingredients. There is so much more to know about before trying it. Read this article thoroughly to learn everything about Goodfellow shampoo that might affect your hair one way or the other.

Is Goodfellow Shampoo Good For All Hair Types?

Is Goodfellow Shampoo Good

Yes, Goodfellow shampoo is among the ideal shampoos in the market that work best for all hair types. However, there might be some exceptions, as a few people report that their hair is not improving after using the shampoo. 

For curly hair, this shampoo ensures deep cleaning with balanced moisture to keep the hair untangled and shiny. It also avoids buildup and cleans the hair without damaging the curls. People with dry hair can also try this, as the botanical ingredients retain the moisture.

Goodfellow Shampoo Major Ingredients

Is Goodfellow Shampoo Good

The ingredients of the shampoo are crucial to consider when buying one. There is a long list of companies that claim their products to be free of toxins but have toxic ingredients mentioned on the packaging. Here are the major ingredients of Goodfellow shampoo.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the most common and beneficial herbal ingredient used in cosmetic and hair care products. The primary function of Aloe Vera is to maintain nourishment and improve hydration due to the availability of excess water in it. 


To describe the use of chamomile in shampoos in simple words, we may say that it adds shine to the hair. Though it also serves other purposes, such as maintaining moisture, its primary function is to keep the scalp smooth and shiny.


Nettle is also a major ingredient that serves to promote hair growth. Moreover, it also helps in reducing the extra greasy touch of your hair. The fact that it reduces excess oil production ensures that your hair won’t lose its curls and stays soft and silky.

Things You Should Know About Goodfellow Shampoo

Though Goodfellow shampoo is an excellent choice for your hair, there are a few things you should know about. The first thing is the presence of an unknown “fragrance”, which apparently seems nice but has no proof of being non-toxic. 

The second crucial thing to consider is the faulty packaging or the pump, which most people are unhappy with. The packaging is not travel-friendly as the pump might spill the shampoo in your bag, ruining everything inside.

The company claims that its products are vegan but does not talk about whether they are cruelty-free or not. If you have a soft spot for animals, then this product might not be your choice. Similarly, people with dry hair might see a negative impact of this shampoo.

User’s Feedback On Goodfellow Shampoo

Is Goodfellow Shampoo Good

Though we have discussed the performance of Goodfellow shampoo on different hair types and its ingredients, some people might need solid proof of how good it is. Here are the positive and negative reviews of the verified users of Goodfellow shampoo. 

Positive Feedbacks

Amazon and other online stores have millions of reviews on Goodfellow shampoo with an average of 4.3 stars out of 5. Most people are satisfied with the shiny look of their hair and the smell. Monica says that her son with curly hair is absolutely loving the shampoo.

Bob recommends this shampoo to those looking for something professional. According to him, “The scent is more developed and grown and is much better than Axe or Old Spice”. He also adds that he really loves the texture of his hair after using this shampoo.

Most shampoos add some extra moisture to the hair, leaving a greasy feeling that results in irritation. Sheila adds that her son has used this shampoo for some time and has got shiny hair with less greasy texture. Olivia also endorses this shampoo for a less greasy texture.

Negative Feedbacks

Though most of the feedback is positive, there is always the other side of the picture. Several people are unsatisfied with the shampoo’s packaging. James T. adds that he is furious about the fact that the shampoo leaked in the box.

The most common problem with the product is its packaging and the pump. Several people don’t like that pump as it is not very seamless when you try to get the shampoo out of the bottle. Sometimes, people get broken pumps due to bad delivery. 

Here is a detailed video review of the Goodfellow shampoo, watch it to know more.


I hope you have got the answer to the question “Is Goodfellow shampoo good?” and are now able to make a well-informed decision for yourself. Though the packaging is not very comfortable, and the pump doesn’t work well, the performance is amazing.

To tackle the situation, I suggest buying this shampoo at a local store and ensuring the pump is in good condition. Overall, the price of the product, combined with its performance, makes it a perfect choice for those to avoid pricey shampoos.

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