Is Colab Dry Shampoo Safe Is Colab Dry Shampoo Safe

Is Colab Dry Shampoo Safe? Expert Guide!

Dry shampoos are top trending these days for their exceptional performance and unique formulas. However, some brands like Co-Lab are considered to be unsafe, and people ask questions like “Is Colab dry shampoo safe?” to clear their ambiguities. 

CoLab dry shampoos are a safe option for almost all hair types. The company claims that they do not use any parabens in the manufacturing of these shampoos. Moreover, the presence of alcohol Denat and Aluminum starch is a positive indication.

Your hair depicts your personality, and that’s why people are spending hundreds of dollars on maintaining healthy hair hygiene. This article is for you if you are also conscious about your hair. Read it thoroughly to learn everything about CoLab dry shampoo. 

Is Colab Dry Shampoo Safe For All Hair Types? 

Is Colab Dry Shampoo Safe

Yes, according to the company’s claims, CoLab manufactures unique formulas that work for all hair types. The official website of CoLab says that these dry shampoos are compatible with any hair texture and color. Moreover, they also work for treated or bleached hair. 

To see if CoLab shampoo is really a safe option, one must have a look at its ingredients. The most prominent and positive ones include Aluminum starch, Alcohol Denat, phenoxyethanol, and glycerin. However, it also contains butane, propane, and an unknown fragrance. 

Though apparently it is a safe option and most people are satisfied with the results, there are some contradictory cases as well. Research shows that CoLab dry shampoos have a high risk of allergies and toxicities. This contradicts the claim that it works for all hair types. 

Colab Shampoo As A Brand

CoLab is a British brand that manufactures top-notch shampoo products. The company claims to produce nontoxic products that are compatible with all hair types. Moreover, they also ensure that their products are not tested on animals, nor do they ask others to do this. 

Though the company is seamlessly working to improve its products, the dry shampoos come in an aerosol bottle, which is not eco-friendly. Moreover, the spray content in the bottle might be inflammable and may pose a serious threat if used unwisely. 

Colab Dry Shampoo Ingredients

Almost every company claims that its products are the best in the market. So, how do we know if it’s true or not? The only way is to check the ingredients list and determine if the shampoo is safe or not. Here is a detailed analysis of the ingredients found in Colab dry shampoo. 

Alcohol Denat

Alcohol denat is primarily used for the viscosity of the shampoo. Moreover, it is an antimicrobial agent used in shampoos to treat bacteria. However, it is a very debated ingredient as some people do not favor it. Sometimes, it also causes dryness when used regularly. 

Though it is used in most cosmetics products, excessive use of products with Alcohol as an ingredient may cause skin inflammation. However, it is an excellent penetration enhancer and is known for its use in light formulas. Besides, it is also a great astringent. 

Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate

Aluminum starch Octenylsuccinate is also a well-known ingredient often found in cosmetics products. In shampoos, this serves as an oil-absorbing agent that cleanses the hair of any grease, oil, or dirt. Moreover, it is also widely known for enhancing the shelf life of a product. 


Glycerin is a very useful ingredient often found in skin care products. In shampoos, glycerin acts the same as for the skin; it moisturizes the hair. Moreover, it smoothes and lightens the hair, giving it an overall shiny and lustrous look. People living in humid areas should avoid it. 


Phenoxyethanol acts as a preservative in Colab dry shampoo, enhancing its shelf life, which is not mentioned anywhere on the packaging. However, it’s considered to be safe and gentle for hair. 


Butane, along with isobutane and propane, are also found on the ingredients list of CoLab dry shampoo. These act as propellants and are found in almost all spray cosmetics products. All of these are colorless, odorless gasses that are not considered a safe option. 


Known as parfum in the UK, fragrance is a well-known ingredient found in all types of cosmetics. Though it makes the product smell good, we don’t know if it’s safe or not. The reason is that it is made of a combination of almost 50-60 chemicals. 


In a nutshell, CoLab dry shampoo is a good option for most hair types (though the company claims that it is suitable for all hair types, it’s not). The ingredients are safe except for the fragrance and butane, which might cause health risks such as allergies and toxicity.

Even the best shampoos in the world might not work for some people. If this happens to you, switch your shampoo to a better alternative. I hope you have got the answer to “Is Colab dry shampoo safe?” and are now able to make a well-informed decision.