Is Caraway Really Non-Toxic Is Caraway Really Non-Toxic

Is Caraway Really Non-Toxic? Get The Cookware Now!

Caraway is one of the famous cookware brands. According to the company, their non-stick cookware is safe to use and is non-toxic as well. But let’s not be too quick to swallow every claim – is Caraway really non-toxic, or is it just another catchy slogan?

Fortunately, Caraway cookware is non-toxic and free from “forever chemicals.” It’s because the cookware is made with ceramic coating, not the toxic Teflon coating that has PTFE or PFOA, which are harmful to the health and the environment.

Below, I’ll explain why I consider the ceramic non-stick coating of Caraway cookware safe in detail. Besides that, you’ll get the answer of what really is toxic cookware. This will help you understand the concept of safe cookware and make an informed decision. 

What’s Toxic Cookware? The Truth of Teflon Coating

Is Caraway Really Non-Toxic

Before you come to a conclusion about whether Caraway’s cookware set is non-toxic or not, it’s best to find out what really is non-toxic cookware. So, the biggest reason why most cookware is rated as toxic is because of the non-stick coating. 

Toxic Non-Stick Coating

There are two famous non-stick coatings; one is Teflon coating, which is considered toxic, and the other is ceramic coating (the safe one). Teflon has properties of PFOA, or PTFE, which means Polytetrafluoroethylene, a plastic polymer. 

Ceramic Vs. Teflon Coating

The issue with PTFE is when this type of cookware is used on high heat, mostly above 500F, the coating will release toxic chemicals into the air. This makes the cookware toxic to the environment and health. 

Besides the PTFE, the next toxic substance found in the Teflon coating is the PFOA. According to research from the U.S. National Academies of Sciences and the International Agency for Research on Cancer, PFOA is one of the causes of cancer. 

Note: You may also find cookware that has Teflon coating, but also consider PTFE or PFOA-free. It doesn’t mean they’re completely safe. These types of cookware are safe till the coating is unharmed. In case of any damage or scratching to the non-stick coating, even non-PTFE or non-PFOA cookware can become problematic. When the non-stick surface is compromised, it may still release harmful compounds, potentially affecting your health.

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Is Caraway Really Non-Toxic? Should You Get It?

Is Caraway Cookware Really Non-Toxic

Now, it’s time to find the answer to whether the claim of Caraway that their cookware is non-toxic is really true. As per the Caraway brand, their cookware set is non-toxic, PTFE and PFOA-free. 

The claim of Caraway cookware is based on the fact that It’s because the cookware sets aren’t made with Teflon coating. Instead, it’s made of ceramic coating, and ceramic coating is mostly the “sol-gel” coating. 

Sol-gel coatings are made of silica and inorganic chemicals, which are bonded to the cookware’s surface. This provides a smooth and naturally non-stick surface while avoiding the use of potentially harmful chemicals.

Since there’s no PTFE, PFOA, or harmful chemicals, the ceramic coating is relatively safer. So, if your main concern is about your health and the environment, yes, the Caraway brand is one of the best options. 

Is It Worth Getting Caraway Ceramic-Coated Cookware?

Yes, it’s definitely worth getting Caraway ceramic coating cookware for several reasons. The first and main point is Caraway cookware is safe and not harmful to health in any way. The other reasons include non-reactivity, durability, and the quality of the cookware.

No matter what you cook on the Caraway cookware (even the acidic food), the surface won’t react. Plus, the natural non-stick coated surface is smooth and doesn’t require much oil or butter at the time of cooking, making it a more healthy option. 

What I like most is the cookware’s top-notch quality and durability. From the non-stick coating to the handles and base, everything is designed to last longer. Also, you can use the Caraway cookware in the oven at up to 550ºF temperature.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Caraway 100% non-toxic?

Yes, Caraway cookware is 100% non-toxic as it doesn’t have a Teflon-coated surface. Instead, Caraway features a ceramic non-stick coating, which doesn’t release harmful chemicals into the air or possess PFOA that can cause cancer. 

Is Caraway FDA-approved?

Yes, Caraway cookware is FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) safe. This means the cookware of the Caraway brand doesn’t have any harmful substances or chemicals that can put you or your family in danger. 

Is Caraway 100 percent ceramic?

No, Caraway isn’t 100% ceramic. Like any ceramic cookware, the main material is metal (aluminum). It’s called ceramic because it has a ceramic coating, which is the key to its non-stick properties and the absence of harmful chemicals like PTFE and PFOA.


The bottom line of the question, Is Caraway cookware really non-toxic, is “YES.” All Caraway cookware is non-toxic and 100% safe from “forever chemicals,” which means PFOA and PTFE. Both of them are usually found in teflon non-stick coating. 

Since the Caraway cookware isn’t made with Teflon coating, there’s no need to worry about toxicity. Instead of Teflon, Caraway cookware has a ceramic non-stick coating, which is way safer for us.

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