Everist Shampoo Review Everist Shampoo Review

Everist Shampoo Review – Expert Analysis!

Do you know that most liquid shampoos have almost 80% water as their major ingredient? How about using a waterless shampoo that isn’t like bar shampoo but is still a sustainable alternative? A detailed Everist shampoo review can tell you much more about it. 

Instead of using cardboard packaging, which is often challenging for users, Everist offers its products in sustainable aluminum packaging. The shampoo is claimed to be free of toxic ingredients. Rather, most of the ingredients are derived from natural resources.

Everist’s waterless shampoo approach highlights the fact that shipping products with 80% water in them is useless when you can just add tap water. If you are interested in knowing more about this waterless shampoo, read this review thoroughly. 

Everist Shampoo Review – All The Details

Everist Shampoo Review

Saying that Everist shampoos are free of toxins and are a great alternative to bar shampoos may only satisfy some. Here is a detailed analysis of different aspects of Everist shampoo that might help you better understand its performance and value.

The Ingredients

The most important thing to look for in a shampoo is its ingredients. When we talk about Everist shampoo ingredients, we see that most of them are organic (derived from natural resources). Also, we don’t see any harsh chemicals used as surfactants or preservatives.

Aloe vera juice is the most prominent and crucial ingredient used in Everist shampoo, which is mainly responsible for cleansing and conditioning your hair. It consists of several vitamins, including A, C, and E, which play a crucial part in removing any oil and residue.

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate is a coconut-derived cleanser that produces lather to drive out all the dirt off your scalp. Apart from this, we have a list of other ingredients, such as peppermint oil, bergamot oil, rosemary oil, betaine, konjac, citric oil, and many more. 


If we narrow down the performance to just two words, it would be shinier and bouncy. Everist shampoo has a moisturising intent, which makes it a perfect choice for those with a dry scalp. However, this doesn’t mean that it has no ingredients to do effective cleansing.

Unlike traditional shampoos, Everist shampoo lacks harsh chemicals that are used as surfactants. Such chemicals thoroughly cleanse the hair, removing healthy oils as well. Everist shampoos have scalp-friendly natural ingredients that do not remove healthy oils.

Safety, Important!

Have you ever suffered from hair loss after using a particular shampoo? The presence of toxic and harsh chemicals in shampoos can cause even more damage than hair loss, including several lethal diseases.

Everist shampoo does not have any harsh chemicals or toxins that might have a negative effect on your hair. However, it does have naturally derived oils from sources like coconut and rosemary. If you are allergic to these oils, then you should avoid them.

These shampoos are colour-safe, free from synthetic fragrance, silicone-free, sulfate-free, and purely vegan. Moreover, this technology has been certified by TSA, which means you can easily carry these aluminum tubes with you across checkpoints. 

The Pricing

The price of aluminum shampoo, conditioner, and body wash is nearly 108 dollars and only the shampoo is for $24. Though it might seem too much when there are shampoos available for less than 10 dollars, they are still a better option. Surprised, right?

If we see it from a broader perspective, a normal 10-dollar shampoo lasts 2-3 weeks. On the contrary, the concentrated Everist shampoo may last up to 3 months when used regularly. Similarly, here, you get 3 products for $100 $ in the package.

Moreover, the performance matters a lot. A 10$ shampoo would never have such a bundle of benefits as Everist shampoo. From being eco-friendly to hair-friendly, Everist seems like a perfect option for every hair enthusiast out there.


Everist Shampoo Review

Everist does a great job with the packaging. Every part of the packaging, from metal keys to aluminum packing and outer cartons, is recyclable in one way or the other. First, they either offer tin packaging or aluminum tubes, and both are recyclable.

The best thing is the metal keys. They help you squeeze every ounce of the concentrated shampoo out of the aluminum tubes, allowing you to get 100% of what you paid for. However, to recycle aluminum tubes, you must first cut open the tube and clean it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does Everist shampoo last?

It depends on how often you use it; however, an estimated time is almost three months. Even if you use the shampoo every second day, you can easily manage three months or even more. In other words, it lasts + 50 washes, which makes two months if used every day.

What key benefits make Everist Concentrates so special?

The most important benefit is less carbon use, reducing your carbon footprint. Research by Bluebird Climate highlights the fact that Everist users have a 70% lesser carbon footprint than water shampoo users. Similarly, the eco-friendly packaging reduces waste as well.


In the end, concentrated shampoos from Everist can be a good choice for travellers looking for a companion shampoo. Their light scent, along with a balanced pH and exceptional performance, make it a go-to choice for most hair enthusiasts.

Overall, the above-mentioned Everist shampoo review shows that it is a perfect choice for almost everyone. However, there might be some people whose hair might not be compatible with it. In such a case, just shift to a better option that suits your scalp.