David Burke Cookware Review David Burke Cookware Review

David Burke Cookware Review – Should You Invest?

David Burke is a well-known, globally recognized chef who set several unique culinary records to his name. The David Burke Cookware is a kitchen cookware collection that has set the market on fire. Are you also looking for a David Burke Cookware review?

David Burke Cookware is one of the top cookware collections on the market. The quality of the materials used and the performance of the cookware says it all. But what you need to consider is that these pans might contain Teflon, iron cast, or aluminum.

So, if you are planning to buy cookware from the David Burke Cookware collection, make sure you read this review thoroughly. Here, I’ll discuss the benefits and drawbacks of David Burke Cookware in light of user reviews and expert knowledge.

What Is David Burke Cookware?

David Burke Cookware review

Before knowing about David Burke Cookware, one must be aware of who David Burke is. David Burke is not a cookware manufacturer, nor has he manufactured any cookware in his life. However, he is a chef, a globally recognized chef with many awards under his belt.

David Burke earned a great reputation as a chef at the age of 26 years. Besides, he is an artist, entrepreneur, and a restaurateur. Earlier, he made a collaboration with a US-based cookware manufacturing company known as Frieling USA.

The company started producing a unique collection of cookware under the instructions of David Burke. These cookware were first tested by David before launching them into the market. According to David, this collection is for anyone who loves cooking.

David Burke Cookware Review – Features Details

Now we know what the David Burke Cookware collection is and how it started. Here, I will discuss some of the premium features of David Burke Cookware that may impact your decision to buy or not buy it. Read it thoroughly so you can make a better decision.

Base Materials

The base of your cookware plays the most important role during the cooking process and that is transferring heat evenly. Only premium quality materials have this tendency to distribute heat evenly among all the food. 

The base material and the outer non-stick coating (if any) of your cookware determines the safety of the cookware. Some materials, such as lead, cadmium, and aluminum, are not considered a good option. Here are some materials used in the David Burke collection.


Aluminum is one of the most widely used materials for the base of cookware. When it comes to equal heat distribution, aluminum is among the best materials. However, the drawback of aluminum is that it might react with food when cooked at high temperatures.

Metal leaching is a dangerous phenomenon that happens when a metal is overheated and may result in various health problems. Most cookware companies cover the aluminum with a non-stick coating that keeps the food separate from the aluminum.

Stainless Steel

Some cookware of the David Burke collection is made from stainless steel, which is one of the best materials for cookware. Stainless steel has exceptional durability and is also the least reactive, even at high temperatures. However, it might make your cookware heavier.

Stainless steel cookware does not require any outer non-stick coating, which makes it last longer. Moreover, it is non-corrosive and does not rust, which makes it the best choice for your home kitchen. Also, it possesses the natural ability of easy cleaning.

Cast Iron

Cast Iron is one of the traditional materials used for cookware. Though earlier Cast Iron cookware is believed to be risky for human health, the latest cast iron cookware is way better. It does not contain any harmful chemicals as it was thought in earlier days.

Cast Iron is a sturdy material with excellent heat retention properties that increases the durability of the cookware. However, Cast Iron Cookware requires regular seasoning. You must also take proper care of its maintenance to get the most out of it.

David Burke uses these three materials as the base of most of its products. Before making a purchase, ensure that the cookware contains the right base material. Besides, maintenance is necessary no matter if you have a stainless steel cookware or an aluminum cookware.

Non-stick Coating

The non-stick coating of cookware also plays a major role in determining if it is the right fit for you or not. David Burke cookware commonly uses Teflon (PTFE, PFOA, etc) chemical in its non-stick coating. The use of Teflon raises several health-related concerns.

Teflon emits harmful chemicals or fumes that mix with the food at high temperatures. This food can then cause various dangerous diseases, which include but are not limited to cancer, kidney disease, thyroid disorders, and liver diseases.

Though the company claims that it adheres to the safety standards set by the FDA and EFSA, the term Teflon still haunts me. If you are using Teflon cookware, you must be very careful about things like cooking temperature, scratches in the cookware, etc. 

Users’ Thoughts About David Burke Cookware Collection 

One positive thing that almost every user mentions about the David Burke Cookware Collection is its non-stick ability. Most of the users also say that these products are super easy to clean as the food doesn’t stick to them. However, some add that you still need oil.

According to Gwen, the products of the David Burke Cookware Collection should not be cleaned with a dishwasher. Although the product description says you can, it is not recommended to dishwash this cookware. 

Some users are not happy with the narrow handles of the pans and pots. According to Robyne, he cooked food in these pans at high flame and burnt the handle of his pan. Make sure you keep the flame normal, as all the materials used conduct heat very efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the David Burke Cookware oven safe?

Yes, almost all the products from the David Burke collection are safe for oven use. However, you must follow the instructions given in the product description. Stainless steel cookware is safe up to 500 degrees, while other products can not bear more than 400 degrees.

Are David Burke Cookware dishwashers safe?

According to the product description, it’s Yes. However, in my opinion, you should never wash your David Burke pans and pots with a dishwasher. The detergent of the dishwasher is a bit strong and can remove the outer coating from most of the cookware.

Is David Burke stainless steel?

To some extent, the answer is Yes. However, David Burke also makes products from other cheap materials in order to reduce the cost price of the cookware. Other materials might include cast iron and aluminum.


The David Burke Collection is equipped with almost every feature that a chef might need. Most of the cookware is compatible with any type of cooking, from stovetops to electric and induction tops. However, it is better to check the product description before buying it.

I wrote this David Burke Cookware review to help you make a better decision for your lovely kitchen. Overall, the David Burke collection is among the best cookware collections. I hope you like this review and that it helps you in making the right decision for your kitchen.