Blue Diamond Cookware Reviews Blue Diamond Cookware Reviews

Blue Diamond Cookware Reviews – Are They Legit?

Are you looking for honest Blue Diamond Cookware reviews? Well, you just landed at the right spot. Blue Diamond Cookware has been in the market for quite some time and has gained a good reputation. However, is Blue Diamond Cookware really a good choice for you?

Most of the Blue Diamond pans are made of aluminum base with diamonds infused in the outer ceramic coating. The company claims that its products are free from toxic elements and are several times harder than other pans. However, is that even true or not?

Here’s a detailed review of the Blue Diamond Cookware brand, where I discuss the overall performance of the company’s products. Stick to the article till the end so you don’t miss out on any important facts about the company or its products. Let’s start with the features.

Blue Diamond Cookware Reviews – Features Details

Blue Diamond Cookware reviews

Blue Diamond Cookware company makes several claims regarding the quality, safety, performance, longevity, and price of its products. Let’s explore the truth behind these claims and figure out how useful its products can be for our kitchen.


Blue Diamond Cookware claims its products are of premium quality with zero toxicity. Usually, most of the cookware has a durable, conductive base with a nonstick coating. Some pans and pots also have an insulator handle and a lid. Let’s have a look at each of these.

Cookware Base

The base of cookware is the most important part of cookware, which plays an active role in cooking. A premium quality base means you don’t have to worry about equal heat distribution and any uncooked areas of your food. 

Blue Diamond cookware comes with an aluminum base, which is well known for its conductivity. It ensures equal heat distribution and is also perfect for flipping food due to its lightweight. Moreover, it is found abundantly, so it’s not very expensive.

This cookware brand recently introduced its new collection that comes with a triple steel base for extra durability. This unique collection offers pots and pans with multiple layered bases that contain two layers of steel with an aluminum layer sandwiched between them. 

The triple steel base offers extra durability due to double-layered steel while maintaining the ability of the cookware to transfer heat evenly. Besides, it also makes the cookware compatible with induction stoves. The cookware may be heavy due to steel.

Nonstick Material

Most companies nowadays claim their cookware to be nonstick and non-toxic, and so does Blue Diamond Cookware. But the difference is that Blue Diamond uses a unique technology while coating its pans and pots. 

Blue Diamond uses a ceramic coating on most of its products, which is made from sand after passing through a rigorous process. The best thing about the ceramic coating is that it is infused with diamonds that give it a unique look and the name “Blue Diamond.”

The nonstick coating of Blue Diamond Cookware is not only stick-free but also toxin-free. Unlike other cookware, it does not contain any Teflon, PTFE, or PFOA. The infused diamonds also increase the lifespan of the ceramic coating.

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Handles And Lids

The handles and lids are also made of premium quality material. The lids are mostly made of glass, so you can take a sneak peek inside while the food is cooking. Plus, the handles are not very comfortable as they are made of steel and might get hot during the cooking. 

Cookware Design

The unique design of Blue Diamond Cookware is what sets it apart from its competitors. Millions of infused diamonds not only add to the aesthetics but also increase the durability of the nonstick coating. 

Moreover, the design of most of the pots is made in a special way to make the food flipping easy. Though an aluminum base ensures equal distribution of heat, several chefs prefer flipping food while cooking for an additional taste.

There’s one more thing about the design, and that is the hollow handles. The handles of Blue Diamond Cookware are made of stainless steel but are hollow from the inside. This is to keep them cool during cooking. However, the handles often get hot while cooking food.

Cooktop Compatibility

The cooktop compatibility of cookware is also one of the most important features to consider before buying a pan or a pot. Both aluminum and triple steel base cookware of the Blue Diamond Cookware are compatible with gas and electric cooktops.

However, for induction stoves, you need cookware with a magnetic base. So, aluminum base cookware is not compatible with induction stoves. On the other hand, the triple steel base cookware is compatible with induction stoves due to its steel base. 

Oven Safe Limit

They say cooking food at high temperatures is not good for the cookware. Blue Diamond Cookware allows its users to cook food at up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. On the contrary, most nonstick cookware comes with a maximum heat limit of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The diamonds infused in the ceramic coating of the Blue Diamond Cookware give it extra durability against high temperatures. Moreover, heating ceramic does not release any harmful chemicals like Teflon and PTFE.

Remember not to cross the maximum heating limit. Though the ceramic coating does not release any harmful gasses or chemicals, high temperatures might deteriorate the outer ceramic coating. This way, the coating will vanish quickly, exposing the aluminum base.

Positive User Experiences

The Amazon reviews show that almost 76 percent of Blue Diamond Cookware users are fully satisfied with the product. The customer experience shows that though the cookware is nonstick, you might still need to use butter and oil for foods like eggs. 

Michael Mink, another Blue Diamond customer, explains that she does the cleaning of the cookware, and her husband cooks the food. According to her, the pans are super easy to clean. Her husband adds that the heat distribution of these pans is amazing. 

A user from West Texas talks about the nonstick ability of the pans by adding, “It allows me to flip food like professionals.” He adds that the handles get hot quickly, so he ordered silicon rubber gloves for that. However, the handles are cool at the far end.

Negative User Experiences

Though most of the users are fully satisfied with their products, some of them still have something to complain about. One of the users comments that his eggs and fish stick to the pan. However, another user adds that you need oil or butter for cooking such food.

Another consumer is not happy with the quality of the cookware. According to him, the cookware has already chipped after two months of use. Some of the users are afraid of the heating handles, mentioning it as dangerous!

What Is My Take On Blue Diamond Cookware?

Overall, Blue Diamond Cookware is an excellent choice. The company offers a wide variety of collections with sets ranging from four pieces to twenty pieces in a pack. Besides, the company ensures that the price is reasonable, making it the most affordable cookware.

Moreover, the infused diamond technology is very useful as it increases the lifespan of the ceramic coating. I personally prefer the triple-steel base cookware as it is more durable than the aluminum base and also offers induction cooking. 

Though the cookware is excellent overall, there are a few drawbacks. One of the most prominent drawbacks is the steel handle, which gets hot during cooking. The second thing is that the instructions say that the cookware should not be cleaned with a dishwasher.

Conclusion – Blue Diamond Cookware Review

Blue Diamond Cookware reviews show that the brand has successfully created a reputable image with its premium quality products. Though some people say that there aren’t any real diamonds in the pans, crystals are greatly improving the lifespan of the ceramic coating.

Apart from steel handles, there is no major drawback in the products of Blue Diamond. However, the ceramic coating might get damaged if you use metal utensils or dishwashers. The best way is to take care of your cookware to get the most out of it.